“Constant elevation leads to great expansion, just Ascend.”

Founded: November 17, 2017

Owners: Kimani Jones and Salim Collins

"The mission was to build a brand but not just any brand, a brand for the elite and those who are inspiring to be as such."
Ascend Apparel promotes individuals to excel in all aspects of their everyday lives. By providing the right products that compliment the ultimate version of you.
The idea of Ascend Apparel LLC started its manifestation in 2014 on the campus of Winston Salem State University. This is where two college roommates shared a desire to find something that would catapult their families legacy for generations to come. Fast forward to November 2017, the two would reunite to make the thought come to fruition.
Ascend has established its brand as a source of sustainable luxury for a consumer in constant search of elevation. The brand’s design philosophy is closely linked to creating a line of merchandise that’s fashionable, functional, ethical, and affordable in today’s economic climate.

Ascend's first official product launch, the “Prelude Bag”, sold out within the first several months of being on the market. It's combination of cowhide leather, metal hardware detailing, and convenient compartment placement made it a hit with customers.